Auto Detailing

Your Passengers Are Sure to Compliment You on Your Pristine Car

Bring your family vehicle to our auto detailing spa in Meridian, MS

Are your carpets covered in cracker crumbs or juice stains? Can you smell dirty diaper odors over the scent of the tropical air freshener? No one will know you drive a family car after you bring it to JL Autoworks LLC in Meridian, MS for auto detailing services.

Our basic service includes washing the exterior, vacuuming the interior and gently wiping down surfaces. Visit us today to get white-glove auto detailing services.

We'll eliminate those stubborn odors and stains

Does your family car need some serious TLC? Our vehicle deep cleaning specialists in Meridian, MS will clean every crevice.

We'll use...

Specialty disinfectants to kill germs on every surface
Q-tips to remove debris from your side window tracks
Interior protectants to prevent the buildup of dirt and oil

The process takes up to six hours, so be sure to arrange a ride ahead of time. Call 601-686-1960 now to make a vehicle deep cleaning appointment.

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