Ceramic Coatings

Vehicle Ceramic Coatings Preserve the Factory Finish

Enjoy superior protection from the elements as you drive around Meridian, MS

It doesn't take long for a factory clear coat to wear down, but vehicle ceramic coatings can keep your car looking its best. The specialists at JL Autoworks LLC in Meridian, MS can apply your choice of affordable ceramic coats to your vehicle for cost-effective protection.

Every product we use is backed by a warranty. Call 601-686-1960 now to learn about your product options.

How ceramic coatings compare with car wax

Vehicle ceramic coatings and wax both protect the paint job, but they differ in their...

Durability: Simply waxing your vehicle might not protect it from flying debris, but applying a ceramic coating will.
Longevity: Vehicles should be waxed every month but can go years between ceramic coats.
Ease of maintenance: Unlike wax, ceramic coatings resist heat and harsh detergents, making ceramic-coated cars easier to clean.

You can't buy ceramic coating products in stores, so stop by JL Autoworks in Meridian, MS today to protect your vehicle with industry-leading ceramic coating.

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